How to buy a bus ticket for 5 steps.

Fill in the “From” and “To” in the order form. It is not necessary to enter the full city name, as a rule, it is enough first three letters, and then the system will offer a list of cities. Select the desired departure date.

Select the bus and a seat on the bus (seats scheme is provided). Click “Pay”.

Enter the necessary data of a credit card (number, expiry date and CVV2 code).

You will receive sms with code. Enter the code and confirm the payment.

The receipt was sent to your e-mail. Print it and refer to the cashier before the travel. The cashier will exchange the receipt for the document to travel.

Description of the electronic ticket

On e-mail you will receive a special receipt. In the top line is written a unique code. If you cannot print the ticket yourself, just write down the code and dictate it to the cashier. The cashier will print a ticket with which you will be able to travel.

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