Ukrainian railway

To travel by train is faster, more convenient and less expensive than by other types of transport. This is the only way to travel and relax. Trains are equipped with maximum comfort of the passengers. You can comfortably sleep and eat, relax and watch the road during the travelling. Today to buy train tickets has become much easier and faster. You can buy tickets without visiting the ticket office of Ukrainian railway, and just go to the website of the railway company.

Almost every person has free Internet. So, you need to go to an online service Biletto and fill in the search form. Then consider a list of proposed routes. Choose the most comfortable for you select the desired car and seat (car scheme and the free seats are available). In addition, you can immediately include in the ticket price tea and bed linen. Now you need to pay for the ticket. The system will ask you to fill in the necessary data of your card, and the procedure is completed.

Online tickets prefer more and more citizens. After all, e-ticket is not much different from the standard one. Now do not be afraid that someone will buy the tickets which quantity is limited. You can several times a day check the trains and free seats.

Buy tickets online with Biletto and travel with pleasure!

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